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About Us


Zenith Grill and Lounge, crowns The St. Regis Amman on the seventeenth floor where guests can enjoy a lively atmosphere in both an indoor and outdoor venue against the backdrop of the city lights offering a range of crafted cocktails and rich grill cuisine. With the blend of sky-high altitudes, panoramic views, signature drinks and an incredible menu, Zenith truly offers a stunning interior making it the city's most anticipated dining and entertainment destination. 

The name "Zenith" was derived from a term used in astronomy to describe the highest point in the sky. It is the point directly above any particular location on earth, from the perspective of someone standing on the ground looking up. Zenith was chosen to symbolize the location of the outlet being that it sits on the highest floor of The St. Regis Amman.

The 1,370 SQM space, seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor seating options, providing a perfect environment no matter the season. The outlet offers multiple atmospheres each space has its feel with an upscale, stylish interior, designed to provide guests opportunities to either lounge or dine by mixing intimate and social areas.


5th Circle, Shafiq Al Hayek Street, Amman, Jordan, Amman, P.O. Box 850878


  • Mon - Sat : 6:00PM - 1:00AM


Getting Here